What do IAS officers do in a day?


The role of an IAS Officer differs according to the stage in which their career is.

A Collector or a District Magistrate is responsible for that particular district. For example, if a law and order situation exist which affects the whole district, the Collector takes the final call on the ground situation.

As their career progresses, they would be given the responsibility of various departments. Here, the IAS Officer heading the department would be responsible for the day-to-day running as well as the overall performance of the department.

The life of an IAS Officer is a combination of fieldwork and desk work. An IAS Officer gets to know the plight of the people and has the power to make a positive impact on their lives. An IAS Officer receives respect and admiration wherever he or she goes. These are the positive aspects of being an IAS Officer.

The desk work of an IAS Officer involves reading through pages and pages of government documents. However, this wouldn’t be such a hard task for Officers as they would have been accustomed to rigorous reading during their civil service preparation phase.

The training imparted by iLearn IAS is fine-tuned not only to maximize results but also to make sure that when our students become Officers, they would have the necessary skill set to do their best work in the IAS.

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