Sociology Optional
By Jishnu Krishna

Why Sociology Optional at iLearn?


  • Syllabus coverage in four months
  • 90 min sessions from Monday-Thursday
  • Comprehensive & integrated pedagogy

Elaborate lectures & notes

  • Focus on both theory & its application
  • Printed handouts with diagrams & mind maps

Answer writing practice

  • Daily questions on topics covered
  • Detailed test discussion & feedback on Fridays

Mentorship & Guidance

  • Mentorship support throughout the course
  • One-on-one sessions & feedback

Current affairs connect

  • Updation on newspaper & magazine articles relevant to sociology

Optional Test Series included

  • High-quality test series focused on Mains
  • Timely evaluation & feedback


Batch Details

  • 18 October 2023

  • Sociology Syllabus


Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional Test Series 2022

Course Testimonial


As a non-sociology graduate, Jishnu Sir's classes have helped me immensely to gain conceptual clarity over Sociology. The detailed coverage of syllabus and beyond made me fall in love with the subject. I had a highly interactive and fun experience leaning sociology from him.


During my Intial days before class, I was really tensed bcoz I was unaware of the subject and I dont know wheather it could reward me or not. But all this changed when I get going through my class, for many reason. First of all the sociology faculty JISHNU SIR, he was such a supppting person, he make sure that all the concepts are clear , he make every one com-fortable with subject. We were having a give and take approch. We were ready taking suggestions from him and he too from us. We never felt we were in virtual interactions . Sir always keep in touch with every students during class.More than a teacher we all felt him as a good friend .

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