Geography Optional
By Nikhil Lohithakshan & Dias Jose

Why Geography Optional?

We offer a complete solution for Geography Optional. Classes are handled by Mr. Nikhil Lohithakshan who has been training civil service aspirants for the last three years. Highlights of our programme

  1. Comprehensive Syllabus coverage – integrating Paper I & Paper II.
  2. Detailed handouts and updation classes for value addition.
  3. Focus on maps, diagrams, flow- charts & case studies for application and presentation oriented approach.
  4. Intensive in classroom writing skill development sessions.
  5. Regular module-wise tests for revision and answer enhancement.
  6. One-on-one session for timely evaluation & feedback.


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Geography Optional

Geography Optional Test Series 2022 10, June 2022

Students Course Talk

Course Testimonial


iLearn has been my home for past few years as far as UPSC preparation is concerned. Ilearn's Mains Classroom program as well multiple test series, both prelims and mains, have served as the anchor of my CSE preparation. Geography optional classes and test series by Nikhil sir, my long time mentor, are dynamic and comprehensive with regular updates and interactive learning sessions, which is important to tackle the manifold requirements of geography papers. Above all, the entire team has given me love, support and friendship throughout the long and uncertain years of preparation.


iLearn IAS academy has been immensely helpful in my UPSC preparation. Nikhil Sir's guidance for geography was pivotal for my optional preparation. Ethics class by T.J Sir also helped me get a good grasp of ethics paper.


From 2018 onwards, iLearn IAS has been my constant partner for UPSC preparation. Be it prelims -cum mains and geography optional classes by Nikhil sir, prelims and mains test series, interview guidance, iLearn IAS has helped me to achieve rank 299 in UPSC exam also the mentorship by Anu Joshy, Sibil Manha, Summayya madam has been lite sever during PCM classes, Prelims & mains preparation


I had started my preparation during 3rd year of my engineering days. Since I had to balance my academics and civil service preparation, I was not able to attend coaching classes. Fortunately, I met TJ and ljaz Mohammed of ilearnlAS academy who helped me balance my preparation and academics. They where a strong pillar of my support during my college days. After passing out in 2019, I came to ilearnlAS and attended test series for GS and geography optional which where immensely helpful. Even though I was not able to qualify mains in my first attempt, ilearn helped me make it to the list in my second attempt. So, would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to team ilearn especially TJ, shinas ikka, nikhil sir, dias sir, sibil sir, ijaz ikka for making my dream come true!


iLearn IAS was instrumental in helping me reach interview thrice and rank list twice. Geography optional class notes and lectures laced with numerous value-added materials and spatial examples has helped us notch a level higher in handling the optional paper than our peers elsewhere. Needless to mention the personal care and mentoring has helped not just me but many of my then preparation mates and now colleagues to tide over crisis and dilemmas that every aspirant faces during their preparation course with ease.


Choosing an optional subject was not tough for me and my friends since we had the best tutor and best center in Trivandrum- Nikhil sir and iLearn IAS. Thanks to Nikhil Sir and entire faculty team of iLearn IAS for their support and guidance that helped me to crack Civil Service Examination . One of the best parts of the geography optional course at iLearn is the test series conducted by Nikhil Sir. Regularly attending the sessions and practicing test series definitely boosted my confidence for writing the mains examination .


Geography is a logical and technical optional subject. Strong basics and a methodical approach is needed to tackle it. I was fortunate to get the guidance of Nikhil sir of iLearn IAS in cementing my concepts and honing my skills in tackling the questions. In addition to covering subjects comprehensively, his method of rigorous practice in addressing questions leads to continuous improvement. With Nikhil Sir’s guidance you are in safe hands.


Nikhil Sir has been guiding me for my Geography Optional for the past 3 years. His support has been special as it helped me to score 304 marks in Geography in my previous attempt and to secure All India Rank 349 now. He was approachable 24x7 and gave me constant motivation in preparation. The Optional Test Series were very professional and close to the actual UPSC paper and the value addition materials were of immense help.

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