Political Science & International Relations (PSIR)
By Mohammed Shinas S

Why PSIR at iLearn?

  • 3i approach- Integrated  with GS, Intensive classroom sessions and Inclusive current affairs programme
  • Exhaustive coverage of the syllabus
  • Precise and comprehensive study materials
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Dynamic current affairs tracking
  • Access to All India PSIR Mains Test Series
  • Intensive Answer Writing Practice and Tests


  • Focus on concept building and their interlinkages spanning the syllabus
  • Demystifying Answer Writing
  • Focus on previous years questions of UPSC & brainstorming on Expected Questions.
  • Concise & well-researched printed materials
  • Weekly Current Affairs Discussion
  • Value addition to existing syllabus as per current trends


Batch Details

  • 12, October 2023

  • PSIR Syllabus


Political Science & International Relations (PSIR)

PSIR Optional Test Series Date will be Tentative

Students Course Talk

Course Testimonial


My journey with PSIR was made more efficient, exciting and engaging with Shinas sir and iLearn IAS. I had found the PSIR test series and value added sessions extremely useful. During the mains preparation I was also part of an answer writing group which wrote and discussed PSIR answers every alternate day under the guidance of Shinas sir. This was instrumental in developing my conceptual understanding and answer writing skills. The personal mentorship, support and learning resources that I could gain access to at iLearn, in particular for PSIR, played a major role in helping me succeed in the UPSC CSE.


Coming from a technical background, choosing PSIR as my optional was a challenge for me in the beginning. It is only with the help of Shinas Sir and Varun Sir at iLearn that I have been able to overcome it in such a rewarding manner. My success is a true testimony to their ability to identify the core areas for the exam, provide exhaustive resources and motivate candidates to stay on track during this experience. Thank you Shinas Sir and Varun Sir for making this happen!


PSIR has a vast syllabus that requires consistency, proper mentoring and fluidity in answer writing. It is with the help of Shinas Sir and his team that these aspects were based on and further fine tuned. Intensive and regular one on one feedback sessions, identification of core areas of exam, providing material and emotional support were provided which was a big part of this success. Thanks to the PSIR team of iLearn for this opportunity.


PSIR is one optional which can help candidate in his General Studies preparation as well as in Essay. The subject though vast is easy to comprehend and to prepare. It's always advisable for any aspirant to have a guidance either in the form of a mentor or through a structured training program. In my initial days of preparation Shinas ikka has guided me in identifying the re quired books and analysing the topics important for exam.


Political Science is an appealing optional for aspirants from diverse backgrounds. It has been giving consistent scores for the past few years. Personally, I have benefitted by choosing PSIR as my optional in GS and Essay papers too. Classroom sessions by Shinas Sir were crucial in updating and supplementing optional content to make answers dynamic. The guidance and personalised feedback sessions for Optional Test Series by Shinas Sir were helpful in fine tuning my writing skills.

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