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IGP 2023

IGP 2023

Course Testimonial

Dilip K Kainikkara (KERALA TOPPER ) (AIR 21)

I've had a fruitful association with iLearn IAS in various capacities over the past couple of years. I'm especially indebted to Shinas sir for my improved interview performance; his insightful DAF analysis and thorough one-on-one sessions were pivotal in moulding my interview strategy. The lively and experienced peer group at iLearn IAS was helpful in creating a conducive environment for my UPSC prep.

Karishma Nair (AIR 14)

I would really like to thank iLearn IAS for the Interview Guidance programme. I had attended the sessions in Kerala conducted under the guidance of Shinas sir which was very fruitful. I also had the opportunity to attend one to one DAF discussion at iLearn with Shinas Sir which gave me many dimensions to enhance my preparation. I am very grateful for all the support that iLearn IAS has provided for the interview stage.

Sameera (AIR 28)

iLearn IAS Interview Guidance Program was really helpful for fine-tuning my DAF. Their one-on-one program did predict probable interview questions and they were asked in the real interview too! iLearn's Mock Interview too helped in boosting my confidence level Thank you to the entire team and especially to Shinas Sir.

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