Top 5 Reasons to Join IAS Coaching in iLearn IAS

Pub: April 23, 2021

You ever dreamt about being a collector? Or seeing yourself in the khakhi clads of an IPS officer? Your dreams may seem distant, but not anymore. Despite being the most challenging exam, Civil services Examination can be cracked with proper guidance and mentorship. Your hard work gets transferred to smart work with the support of the ideal coaching institute. Check out these 5 reasons why iLearn IAS provides the best IAS coaching and helps in fulfilling your civil service career.


  •  #1 Reason

Best Faculities For All Subjects


The most important resource required for your civil service preparation Is to have resourceful faculties. All the faculties of iLearn IAS are experienced and proved success in various stages of the exam. Most of the faculties have reached up to the stage of UPSC interview. As they have already gone through the process, their classes are attuned for guiding students in the proper direction.


  • #2 Reason

Personalized Mentorship At Each Stage Of Examination


You never have to worry about being lost in a crowded class in iLearn IAS. As a part of providing Best IAS coaching in Kerala, iLearn IAS have come up with a set of personalized mentors for each stage of the exam. For prelims, your mentor provides the tips and tricks of solving objective examination and for mains your mentor aids you in sharpening your writing skill. When it comes to UPSC interview, mentors in iLearn provides personalized attention so that you can present your best self in front of interview board. Personalized mentorship has helped iLearn IAS to consistently produce the best result in Kerala for civil services examination.


  • #3 Reason

Comprehensive And Systematic Coverage Exam Syllabus


The syllabus for civil service exam is vast and demanding. Trying to cover it single-handedly would be an arduous task. The academic system at iLearn helps you to cover the entire syllabus with an integrated approach for prelims, mains and interview. The comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus helps iLearn to be the Best IAS Coaching institute in Kerala.


  • #4 Reason

Rigorous And Continuous Tests


No exam can be tackled unless you know the patterns and nuances of the exam. iLearn IAS provides rigorous tests for both prelims and mains in the UPSC pattern itself. These tests help you to be exam ready. The prelims test series as well as the mains test series by iLearn IAS is the best test series for IAS Coaching. The testshelpaspirants in gauging themselves in their preparation and guides them in the right path.


  • #5 Reason

Exhaustive Study Materials


There is no dearth of materials for UPSC coaching. The question is to choose from the lot. Being the Best IAS Coaching centre in Kerala, iLearn IAS ensures to give the right materials to the students. In addition to classroom materials, iLearn provides online material support for students. iGNITE and iMPACT provides current affairs oriented materials for Prelims and Mains examination respectively. These study materials ensure that each one of you are ready to any surprises put forwarded by UPSC in the exam.


So why should you wait anymore. Give wings to your dreams of civil services along with iLearn IAS.


“Don’t be pushed by your problems, Be led by your Dreams.”

-Ralph Waldo Anderson

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