Jewel Among Leaders: P.B. Nooh IAS,the collector of Pathanamthitta, Kerala.

Pub: July 16, 2021

India is the world’s largest democracy. It was a dream envisioned by the people and built through bloodshed, tears, and hard work. The dream of a free India was achieved because of spectacular individuals who set their stride forward to lead the people into the light. When India achieved independence in 1947, the constitution came to be the symbol of the wishes and rights of all the people in the country.


According to the Indian constitution, the governance hierarchy was divided into three-the Judiciary, the Legislative, and the Executive. The Judiciary safeguards the law and makes decisions based on the Constitution of India. It remains independent and uninfluenced by the Legislative and the Executive under any circumstance. The Legislative is the elected government of the country, voted in by the people of India. They have to formulate laws and policies that will help govern the country while protecting the rights of its people.


The most crucial role is handled by the Executive. They are the backbone of the country. They are responsible for the proper governance of the state. The positions of the Executive is filled through the UPSC examinations and through which qualified candidates can join the force as Civil Servants—to serve their nation and people. The most sought for position among them is the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).


To be an IAS officer entitles an individual with certain responsibilities, including crisis management, proper administration, etc. Only an individual with a strong character and a keen mind can handle the job smoothly. It is as demanding as it is rewarding.


A jewel among the IAS office bearers is P.B. Nooh, the collector of Pathanamthitta, Kerala. He joined for his post in 2018, shortly before Kerala faced the worst floods ever witnessed by the State. It is needless to say that the low-lying lands of Pathanamthitta were one of the places that faced the wrath of the flood. However, Nooh led with an iron-heart rescuing over 0.14 million people.


Months later, Pathanamthitta became the epicentre of the upheaval regarding the decision of the Supreme Court in Sabarimala to allow the entry of menstruating women in the temple. P. B. Nooh, IAS, handled the situation with a smart-hand, heading to the order of the government while ensuring the safety of his people.


This brilliant leader who grew up in Kerala’s Perumbavoor, near Ernakulam district. After graduating from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru, he followed his elder brother to the civil services dream, with an all-India rank of 48 in 2012.


Since his appointment, crisis after crisis, in times of the calm and the storm, Nooh has displayed outstanding leadership and accountability. Even now as India faces the COVID-19 pandemic, Pathanamthitta was swift in their implementation of health protocols and testing. With leaders like IAS, P. B. Nooh guiding the state and the country, we can see hope in the fact that the people would be cared for and prioritised, and they would go to any measure to ensure the safety of the people.


P. B. Nooh is a shining example of an exemplary IAS officer and leader.

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