Indian Army Day


Celebrating Indian Army Day


Honoring Courage and Sacrifice Every year on January 15, India proudly celebrates Armed Forces Day, a landmark event that commemorates the establishment of the Indian Army in 1949. The day holds great significance as it pays tribute to the dedication, courage and unwavering sacrifice of the soldiers.

 The Indian Army, renowned for its professionalism and dedication, plays a vital role in the security and integrity of the nation. Military Day is a reminder of the sacrifices made by soldiers, standing tall in the face of adversity in missions of war or peace. It is a day to celebrate the spirit and unbridled courage of the men and women in uniform who serve selflessly of the glorious national defense. 

The history behind Army Day began in 1949 when Lt. Gen. K.M. Carriappa took charge as the Indian Commander in Chief of the Indian Army.  The formal transfer of power took place on January 15, out of which the Independent Indian Army was born.

 Since then, Armed Forces Day has been celebrated annually to celebrate the professionalism, dedication and sacrifice of the military. Rallies and ceremonies are held across the country on this day.

 The most important event is the Military Parade at the Carriappa Parade Ground in New Delhi. The parade showcases the skills of the Indian Army, the President of India, who is also the Chief of Army Staff, greets during the parade. Armed Forces Day is not just a celebration; It is time for the entire nation to express its gratitude to the brave men and women serving in the Indian Army. 


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