Gautham Raj, IPS

Pub: March 1, 2023

“I lived in Kanpur for years, and Delhi was close. Yet, Delhi was never on my list when I thought of joining civil service coaching…”

Kollam chavara native Gautham Raj lived four years in North India for his Btech graduation. So, the first decision he took while looking for a civil service coaching institute was to avoid Delhi and find a coaching center in Kerala. Initially, he tried preparing on his own for the exam but being convinced to take academic coaching, he joined iLearn. This year, by securing the 210th AIR rank Gautham proved that joining iLearn was the best decision he has ever made. Gautham shares how he cracked UPSC and how iLearn helped him achieve that goal.


Being taciturn, I never thought I would do good in interviews. But iLearn’s one-on-one sessions were of great help. It got me rid of my hesitation to speak. iLearn’s mains answer writing session also helped a lot.


I followed an integrated approach for mains and prelims exams. That way worked. Rather than studying separately, consider it a pack and make it cumulative. It will be helpful.

Gautham took Mathematics as optional as it was more of an objective type and had a syllabus similar to Btech.

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