What to do the day before the UPSC Examination!

Pub: July 16, 2021

In India, the UPSC Civil Service examination is extremely coveted. The Civil Service examination is the gateway to the administration in India. They’ll be heading all the services from public support to railway administration.


The IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam is two-tiered to the Preliminary Examination and the Main Examination. Both are unique and challenging. The applicants who qualify the written examination moves forward to the personal interview. It is a difficult path requiring hard work and passion. Therefore, the ones who clear the IAS exam are regarded highly in society. Thus, thousands of students attempt the exam every year.


As the much-awaited exam draws near, students are restless with excitement. The applicants spend months preparing for the examination in various IAS academies and coaching centres. Hours of reading and attempting mock tests bring them one step closer to the day of the examination.


Finally, after the IAS exam preparation and there’s only one more day to go, many applicants panic. However, it is important to be calm and collected. So, here’s what you should do the day before the examination.


  •  Rise Early and Recollect


Wake up early to feel fresh and positive. Meditate or take a walk. Start your day relaxed. Think about your journey till that moment. Think about the hard work you’ve put in, and pat yourself on the back. You’ve made it!


  • Eat Healthily

Make sure to eat healthy and preferably homely. To avoid last-minute health complications, make sure your diet is healthy.


  •  Ease and Relax

Don’t stress out. Think positively. The examination may be a major event in your life. Make sure you walk through it while enjoying the ride. Do what to love; listen to music or read or spend some time with your family. Chill and give your brain the rest it deserves.


  • Say No to Last Minute Reading

Absolutely, NO MORE READING. You’ve prepared well. Don’t try to process more information at the last minute. It will overwork your brain. You’ll forget and confuse everything you’ve learnt till now. So, close those books and RELAX!


  •  Attempt a Few Mock Tests

In case you feel uneasy, try out a few mock tests online or go through a question paper you haven’t done to brush up.


  • Don’t Second Guess Yourself

This is the most important part. You have braved a period of learning and discipline to get to this point. You’ve put your heart and soul into learning as much as you can to attempt the civil service examinations. So, DO NOT SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!


  •  Be Confident with Your Preparation

Believe in yourself and your hard work. Have confidence in the preparation you have done. You’ve done your best. Now, it’s time to relax, be positive, and rock the exam.


  • Spend Some Quality Time with YOU!

Take some time off studying. Spend some time with yourself. You need a few hours of me-time to think or write or read or do whatever you want to do that makes you happy. You must have some quality time with yourself!


  • Double-check Everything

This is the second most important part. Double-check everything. See if you have all the documents required for the examination. Confirm the venue and time of the examination along with the arrangement for transport. Make sure you have everything ready to attempt the examination.


  • Rest Easy and Sleep

Now, the only thing left to do is to take a good night’s rest. Have a good 8-hour sleep. Wake up rejuvenated and positive to attempt the examination. Be confident. Be yourself!


All the best!

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