What is the salary of an IAS Officer?

Pub: March 12, 2023

The worth of an IAS Officer is measured by the positive impact they make on society, and not by the salary they draw.

That being said, the Government provides an IAS Officer with enough material benefits to live a comfortable life.

An entry-level IAS Officer has a basic pay of Rs 56,100 and can go on to reach Rs 2,50,000 for a cabinet secretary.

They usually reside either in bungalows or in comfortable residential units. Senior Officers residing in urban localities usually have comfortable official vehicles such as Toyota Innova. While taking vacations, they can avail palatial Guest Houses at highly subsidised rate.

Officers who have completed 7 years of service can avail long leave. If they apply for long leave to attend a Post Graduate or Research course at a foreign university, the cost of such courses would be borne by the Government.

Alternatively, long leaves could be availed to pursue a short stint in the private sector so that Officers could gain Corporate/Startup experience, come back into the service and apply the learned skill to the government machinery.

These are opportunities that a private citizen may not have access to. Hence beyond the salary, an IAS Officer has options and opportunities that are priceless.

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