Toppers Talk

Toppers Talk

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We Value Our Students, Let’s Hear From Them

Dilip K Kainikkara (KERALA TOPPER ) (AIR 21)

I've had a fruitful association with iLearn IAS in various capacities over the past couple of years. I'm especially indebted to Shinas sir for my improved interview performance; his insightful DAF analysis and thorough one-on-one sessions were pivotal in moulding my interview strategy. The lively and experienced peer group at iLearn IAS was helpful in creating a conducive environment for my UPSC prep.

Alfred OV (AIR 57)

I started my UPSC journey with iLearn. From an absolute beginner to securing air 57 in three years, there is a lot in it to account to iLearn; Extremely grateful to the guidance, mentorship and the friendships; Nikhil Sir for all the guidance and support in optional and general studies papers . iLearn is my home ground !

Roja S Rajan (AIR 108)

iLearn had been the backbone of my preparation. Shinas sir, TJ sir, Nikhil sir and the rest of the faculty team played a huge role in helping me sharpen my skills in all three stages of the preparation. Special thanks to Shinas sir for being my mentor and guide during the mains and interview stage. Thank you ilearn for being the light-house during my UPSC preparation.

C B Rex (AIR 111)

I have been a student of iLearn IAS since 2018 when I joined the flagship PCM course. The complete coverage of syllabus with both prelims and mains perspective helped to lay a solid foundation for my preparation and success. iLearn was instrumental in providing me with an amazing friend circle that became my support system during UPSC preparation days. Also, Geography Optional preparation under Nikhil Sir's guidance helped me in effective preparation and scoring well in my optional subject. I would like to sincerely thank Nikhil Sir, Shinas Sir, TJ Sir and entire team of iLearn Thank You!

Mithun Premraj (AIR 12)

iLearn IAS has been my home for the past few years for UPSC preparation. Classroom program and test series for both Prelims & Mains have served as the anchor for my preparation. Geography optional classes and test series by Nikhil sir, my long time mentor, are dynamic and comprehensive with regular updates & interactive sessions. The entire team has given me love, support & friendship throughout the uncertain years of preparation.

Karishma Nair (AIR 14)

I would really like to thank iLearn IAS for the Interview Guidance programme. I had attended the sessions in Kerala conducted under the guidance of Shinas sir which was very fruitful. I also had the opportunity to attend one to one DAF discussion at iLearn with Shinas Sir which gave me many dimensions to enhance my preparation. I am very grateful for all the support that iLearn IAS has provided for the interview stage.

Veena Suthan (AIR 57)

iLearn IAS Academy has been part and parcel of my civil service preparation from Prelims to Interview. Nikhil Sir's guidance for the Geography optional was pivotal in my preparation. Mains test series was really helpful with dedicated mentors. Ethics class by TJ Abraham Sir also helped me to get a good grasp of the GS paper.

Aparna MB (AIR 62)

iLearn has been an Instrumental part in all 3 stages of my UPSC Journey. Mains Test Series helped me improve consistency, and the mentorship programme ensured I never veered off track compromising quantity over quality. DAF based guidance from Shinas sir was the anchor upon which I built my personality test preparation. A special shout out to iLearn's CANA platform too, which was extremely helpful for my Mains preparation.

Nidhin K Biju (AIR 89)

" When I started my interview preparation, there were many areas and topics where I didn't have a clear idea about. I'm so happy at my decision that I contacted iLearn IAS Academy and got Shinas sir's number. Sir was so supportive during the interview preparation - sharing the notes, taking mock interviews, DAF analysis and even giving last minute tips and support. I felt I'm talking to an elder brother when I spoke to sir. Thank you so much for the immense support you gave me and I'm really happy to have been a part of the Interview Guidance Program of iLearn."

Rumaiza Fathima P V(AIR 185, First Attempt)

"I am proud to say that iLearn IAS has been the backbone of my success. Having attended all their regular programs, I was able to get the right guidance at the right time. My mentors Uthara Ma'am, Deepu Sir, Shinas Sir and Sibil Sir made timely course corrections that helped me secure this rank in my very first attempt itself. Thank you iLearn for being my friend, guide and philosopher!"

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