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- by Jishnu Krishna E

Why Sociology Optional?


Picking an Optional Subject out of the myriad choices available, is the biggest dilemma faced by most fresh Civil Service aspirants. You come across an infinite amount of insights on different subjects, their pros, cons, and testimonials from successful candidates. However, there are a host of factors to be taken into account while making this crucial choice:

  • Your interest towards the subject – Since you would be allotting a considerable fraction of your preparation time to the Optional subject, its wiser to pick a paper that you are interested in.
  • Scoring potential of the paper – Choosing papers that are high scoring lets you offset the uncertainty in the GS papers and increases your likelihood of getting a better rank.
  • Size and nature of syllabus
  • Availability of good coaching/guidance
  • Abundance of study material and test series


Batch Starts Date : 16th, September 2021
Class Starts Time : 07:00 am
Fees : Rs. 25,000 (Including GST)
Syllabus : Download

Why Sociology Optional at iLearn?

Syllabus coverage in four months

  • 90 min sessions from Monday-Thursday
  • Comprehensive & integrated pedagogy

Elaborate lectures & notes

  • Focus on both theory & its application
  • Printed handouts with diagrams & mind maps

Answer writing practice

  • Daily questions on topics covered
  • Detailed test discussion & feedback on Fridays

Mentorship & Guidance

  • Mentorship support throughout the course
  • One-on-one sessions & feedback

Current affairs connect

  • Updation on newspaper & magazine articles relevant to sociology

Optional Test Series included

  • High-quality test series focused on Mains-2020
  • Timely evaluation & feedback

Socoiology Optional Test Series 2021